Renter acknowledges and agrees with the signature on the rental agreement :


– he has valid driving license

– that he will return vehicle together with all equipment and accessories to the place and on time noted in this rental agreement or sooner upon demand of lessor

– to properly maintain the rented car with all necessary care

– not to use the car for illegal purposes ( such as in connection with criminal deeds , customs or foreign currency offences ) , for instructing other drivers , for propel or tow a vehicle or trailer or for participating in motorsport events

– to use the rented car only for his/her personal use and not to rent or to lend it to third persons

– to drive the rented car himself or by the person he has authorized and which is noted in this rental agreement as “second driver”

– Renter is not allowed and can not cross Croatian border without lessor’s permission which must be entered on this agreement Renter is not allowed to make any changes of parts or assemblies on the rented car without previous authorisation from lessor

It may, with the vehicle documents is a green card for crossing the border.

Amex, Diners, Visa, MasterCard.

As a warranty can leave a cash deposit for possible extras

Reservations can be changed at any time without additional charge for the cost of the changes

If you receive a vehicle part tank, the vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel as you got it.

Rental is always charged when picking up the vehicle.

Unfortunately it is not possible to take or deliver the vehicle in other towns.

It can be more drivers on rental agreement. At the pick up all drivers needs to present their valid drivers licenses and satisfy rental conditions.

During the term of the lease, you can contact us by phone and extend its lease to the desired date. Additional days rental will be charged according to the price list.

Procedure in case of accident


Renter agrees to protect the interests of lessor and lessor’s insurance company in case of accident by:

– obtaining names and addresses of parties involved

– not abandoning rented vehicle without adequate safeguarding and security

– calling the nearest rental station even in case of a slight damage and submitting to the police station written report of the accident

– in case of greater damage or if the persons are injured is obligated to notify police , to wait until the police arrives and makes official inquiries and also immidiately notify nearest rental station .

– all police statements from the accident and alcohol testing results must be handed over to rental station when returning the car .


If renter fails to take the steps mentioned above , he agrees to be liable to lessor for all losses and consequences lessor should suffer thereof .


Any alternation of terms and conditions of this rental agreement are vaild only if confirmed in writing by both parties.


The procedure Pick up takes about 10 minutes.